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In 2007, this wine cellar entered the Guiness World Records Book for the 1,5 million bottles in its collection.The fascinating part of the tour is the Golden Reserve and its hidden room, both storing the old and the collectible wines.My favorites are the Moscato and the Cabernet Sauvignon (ice wine rosé), so I highly recommend you try them when visiting this winery.The memory of that great Cabernet Sauvignon (ice wine rosé) made me go far beyond tasting it at Asconi – I’ve recently “imported” a whole case of it with a little help from my Moldavian friends, and shared it with my family.Asconi Winery is a magical place for all those in love with interior design because each vintage item carefully displayed in the attic looking restaurant tells a story about people and places in Moldova.The complex is made out of a winery, two restaurants with terraces where you can enjoy a nice meal and wine tasting, and a wine shop.

Mileștii Mici abodes the largest wine reserve in the world!

World’s Largest Wine Cellar, two underground cities, a visit to Chișinău and a magical day spent in a traditional village are just a few reasons to visit Republic of Moldova.


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