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Violations of these rules by program directors or faculty may result in penalty actions regarding participation in the Matching process.Appointments The participating programs agree not to make any appointments prior to the match.If one becomes aware of violations of these rules, they should be reported to the SF Match Office.All reports regarding violations will be kept confidential.Statements of Intent If made, such statements must be unilateral, voluntary, and unconditional. A statement like: "I will rank you first if you rank me first" is against the matching rules.A statement like: "You are among the best programs/applicants I have seen so far; I appreciate meeting you regardless of how you will rank me" is permitted.These rules were prepared to ensure the integrity of the Matching process.Violations may well result in loss of opportunity for both applicants and programs to achieve the best possible match.


In the following example, ten applicants (1-10) compete for eight positions offered by four programs (A-D, offering 3, 2, 2 and 1 positions respectively).

Initially, each applicant requests placement in his/her preferred program.

At this point the matching process ends, with 2 and 5 remaining unmatched.

The email should include basic information about the number of programs involved, number of positions available, desired timeline, sponsoring society, and if there is a current match in place.

Receipt and acknowledgement of the request will be returned within 3 business days and further communication will occur.

The Matching Process was developed to allow applicants to Residency and Fellowship training to visit and evaluate various training programs in a systematic fashion without the pressure of being asked for a commitment before the evaluation process is completed.


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