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Notes: Take E or C train to 23rd Street and 8th Ave Take middle station exit and you will see a 21 story red brick building with a garden and trees. Here is the Tel#: (646) 414-9455 Attended: Art Workshop (Wednesdays) Quelques heures de dessin très apprécié.La magie du lieu et l'implication et la sympathie du professeur rendent ce cours vraiment bien.In first grade, we teach children about screen time and consider ways to balance on and off line activities.In second grade, we explore the internet and consider what is private and what is safe to share.The unit culminates with students creating an animated public service announcement conveying important messages related to digital citizenship and online safety.Digital citizenship covers a wide range of things such as how to behave and be safe online, how to think about one’s digital footprint, how not to be a cyber bully or someone who is cyber bullied.In 3rd grade, students begin by discussing what it means to be a good digital citizen and create a pledge that establishes expectations for themselves and their classmates related to appropriate online behavior.Next, students discuss the power of words online and generate solutions for dealing with hurtful online behavior, including cyber bullying.


In 4th grade, students begin by examining their online responsibilities and learn about good online habits and behaviors.To that end we’ve put together a guide to some of the many online resources available to parents who are thinking about how to understand and manage their child’s technological exposure.Part of our commitment to educating children and parents about digital citizen comes from some of the discoveries we made when we administered a survey to parents and students.One of the most important things that we have done it to create a Digital Citizenship Curriculum for grades K-5.

Through engaging lessons, discussions and online activities, students are encouraged to think critically and participate responsibly while using technology and the Internet.5 tips to get you started in discussing social media with your child: 1. – Have ongoing conversations with your child about online etiquette and safety. Help your child create a positive online reputation.



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