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To find out more about us, we have written several articles inside covering several different issues from swinging, to sexual education, as well as tons of photos and videos that we have captured during our adventure inside where you can get a glimpse into our real swinging lives :) Kisses XOXOXO ~ Anna Miller Inside you will find all kinds of swinger tips, tricks, rules and info on how to become part of the swinging lifestyle.Take a minute to stop by the Swinger Info page by clicking here to see some samples of what's in store for you inside!I currently have 155 different women and 57 different men that I have shot content with inside waiting for you! Yeah, that's right, inside you will find them all in the 43,632 photos in my 704 photo updates and also inside of the 90.3 hours of exclusive video in my 605 video updates. I really enjoyed watching her glow in the attention her friends gave her.Her girl friends tried to be like her and her guy friends wanted to be with her.When I was 19, I met a beautiful girl named Jessica and we were fast friends.We fell in love and got married within just a few months of meeting—she was still 18.



I was in the middle of several kids in my family which I am still very close with all of them today.I had a boyfriend who wanted to try swinging, but when the time came he got jealous.



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