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They may have seen their parents abuse alcohol and drugs, and consequently blamed themselves for the dysfunction and unhappiness. The first thing that an abused woman needs is to be safe.

If she is in danger it is very difficult to think beyond the immediate crisis.

It is important to remember, however, that it is not the cause.

DEFINITION OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE Domestic violence is a pattern of assaultive and coercive behaviors, including physical, sexual, and psychological attacks, as well as economic coercion, that adults or adolescents use against their intimate partner.Statistics show that 75% of women who are murdered by their batterers are killed when they leave or after they leave the relationship. Many batterers were victims of abuse as children or came from families in which spousal abuse was prevalent.It is important to remember, however, that not all people who were victims of abuse as children will turn into batterers. About 15 percent of females will deal with stalking at some point in their lives as compared with about 6 percent of males. In fact, half of all stalking survivors were under the age of 25 when they were first stalked.


One in eight employed victims of stalking miss work because of stalking. Those dealing with stalking tend to have higher rates of anxiety, insomnia and depression as compared with the general population.5. But it also includes unwanted phone calls and text messages, watching or following the victim from a distance and spying on someone using a listening device, video monitoring or cell phone tracker or other GPS device.

In the majority of cases, stalkers know their victims. On the contrary, stalking often escalates to physical violence.


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