Ptsd symptoms and dating


Until the problem becomes intrusive in their life or affects their ability to work or function, it often goes untreated.

Some anxiety medications are used to treat PTSD, and more often therapy is used to help people cope with the many symptoms PTSD can bring along with it.

The process for coping with PTSD is difficult one but those who understand it have a better chance at dealing with it and nurturing a long lasting relationship.

Sometimes, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can go undiagnosed for many years until the symptoms become so overwhelming that the patient cries out for help.

Veterans are the most common group of people that typically deal with PTSD, but it can have an effect on women, children, and the elderly as well.



One research study looked at male Vietnam Veterans and their female partners.The same research studies on Vietnam Veterans compared partners of Veterans with and without PTSD.


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