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Immediately after the Second World War plans were put forward to create a sports stadium alongside the A153 three miles north of Sleaford.

This ambitious scheme might have provided arenas for a wide range of sports and have become a 'White City' to match other regional sports venues, but it fell at the first hurdle when an application to the local planning authority for permission to build greyhound and speedway tracks was turned down.

He was involved in further significant legal disputes - described here in some detail - until his early death at the age of 35.



This is an excellent record, although some of the information may be incomplete or incorrect.

Robert Clayton Swan and Nathaniel Cockburn inherited considerable wealth from their grandfather; they were well educated but, as this detailed sudy shows, they achieved very little.

Hunting and other sports were their principal occupations.

These magical practitioners have remained fairly elusive from the pages of history but evidence for their activities and their influence can be drawn from many primary sources.

An explanation of how the civil war battle between the factions supporting Henry III and Louis of France came to be known as the Battle of Lincoln Fair and, given the nature of fairs and tournaments, why it is perhaps better simply called the Battle of Lincoln 1217.

Ronald Tointon, a Methodist Minister born in Lincoln in 1908 and life-long supporter of Lincoln City FC, compiled a record of the team that finished first in the Third Division (North) in 1931/32.


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