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Some younger girls take a little while to build their confidence.Are you up to the challenge of turning a shy, horny girl on.New Arctic Monkeys album is sh*t and Palestine’s bloody dead to be honest, mate, so ended up watching this thing called PMQs.Chief whip texts to say I can’t actually go into the chamber because I’ve been in the news a lot. whenever I hear ‘universal’ I just keep thinking of the label: nearly got signed by Universal back in 2002.A polar opposite to the sweet innocent young girls that giggle and talk sweetly, these girls are filthy talking sluts.


If you love the sweet taste of a sexy young pussy, tight and new, then you'll love talking to the 18 and 19 year old girls on our 'Just Legal' phone sex service.TV on, Marmite sarnies on hand, four tinnies, ready for it to bloody kick off, quick dexterous fingers ready to go! Southern w*nker, more of a bassist more than a frontman, but I bet he’s scored like the best of us in his time. Pretty sure May will back down on universal credit. A pig-shagging Tory MP mentioned me, completely missing out the fact that I’ve already apologised to the PLP (hadn’t been to PLP until then by the way, turns out it’s a good gig, five star review).Used to do a bit of writing so shouldn’t be too hard to knock out a little riff on this. This MP slagging off the mighty Jared O’Mara will get a piano legging.Anyway, like everything in life, would’ve been great to see it in the flesh. It’s like music, or sex, this politics game: keep it pure, keep it simple, then it works.

If you’re not physically there in the crowd it’s just like listening to a recording of a gig: totally sh*t. Basically whatever the Tories do is bad, and what we’re doing is good.

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