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People forget the swastika was orginally a hindu symbol, so who knows if the person who drew it really meant for it to be offensive by the way. Yet we hold the Missouri players up as heros, but we make fun of the Packers fan for calling the cops when a football player bullys him. By your logic, Jerry Richardson should have to resign because one of his employees silentsed a citizens right to self-expression. Its called a PRO test, not a student athlete test folks.If all it takes to make the President resign was threatening to not play football anymore I might just have to cancel my annual turkey bowl .All that aside he needs to make restution and amends to the spectator who had his property stolen.This past week, we saw a volunteer stand up to be the antidote to attention-grabbing three-ring-circus gimmick QBs: a professional wrestler.Today in Columbia Missouri, the University President resigned because students were offended for reasons that are either incredibly wonderful or completeley asanine depending on which blog I have read most recently.Yet the media prases one, while they completely ignore the rights of the Packers fan who has just as much right to hang up his banner on private property as a football player at Mizzou has to be offended by a swastika drawn in poop. Both groups are protesting things, both groups are representing a minorty in an unfriendly atmosphere, and both groups have the exact equal chance of winning the SEC east anytime in the next 5 years. Maybe the students went on strike before they got to there civics class, because its laughable that there even accusing the state of Missouri of instutional racism- it was founded on the Missouri COMPRIMISE, not the Missouri "our way or the highway." Sounds like they could use a history lesson.The only hypothetical challenge would be a team of current and former US Military, real or fictional.

If you care more about SPELLING then you do about TELLING theres the door because this columns not for you.

Yesterday, Cam Newton commited somewhere between a class 3 and 1 misdeanor when he stole a sign from a group of Packer fans in Bank of America stadium.


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