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Challenging games and biofeedback provide patients with the motivation to continue intensive repetitive fine motor finger and wrist exercises.

The Hand Tutor is used in hospitals and community hand therapy clinics as well as through tele rehabilitation.

I am still working on developing exercise examples on my website and will eventually have pictures and videos of various exercises.

If you are looking for therapy ideas, I suggest looking on You Tube for stroke rehab exercises.

The key element of Physical rehabilitation is intensive active exercise practice.

The OT/ PT can also use Neuromuscular stimulation e.g FES and robot-assisted rehabilitation to improve finger/ wrist movement ability.

Once a patient has gained confidence in standing then I work on the patient shifting weight side to side and learning to take more weight through the weak leg. I don't know your limitations, but if you are able, I would add fine motor coordination activities for your hand.

One might could use a hospital bed or lift chair to achieve the same effect as a hi-lo mat, however, I haven't tried this out. If that is too difficult, just try holding a ball using both hands and moving it around (i.e. She cannot move her left arm and can lift her left leg only a little and shuffle it if she really tries.

Weight bearing can be done on the hand while sitting at the edge of the bed or it can be done with the hand on a ball.

Some simple hand and arm exercises I use after a stroke are as follows (stretch the hand prior to exercises):1) Place patient's open hand on ball and have them work on just keeping the hand on the ball without assistance2) Once they can keep the hand on the ball, try rolling the ball gently side to side and forward and back3) Once they can roll the ball, place both hands on the sides of the ball (soccer ball works well) and try to lift the ball off their lap using both hands and without the weak hand falling off4) As they are able to lift the ball, work on lifting the ball higher or moving it side to side5) Work on taking weak hand off the ball slowly and with controlled movement6) Once they can move hand off/on ball with some control, work on placing hand on smaller objects such as a plastic cup and letting go. Some other options to help facilitate return of the hemiplegic arm include using e-stim with a therapist or tapping the muscles you are trying to stimulate.

Many therapists and patients have recorded their therapy sessions which might give you ideas on what would work for your mother.

You should always consult a therapist or physician that has worked with your mom to make sure any exercises would be appropriate for her.

I have joined a gym to gain strength and am a full time worker post stroke. Thanks Jayesh Answer: I like to use hi-lo mats to help patients improve their ability to stand from a sitting position.



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