Christina aguilera justin timberlake dating

Christina Aguilera As a kid, Christina Aguilera was known as the little girl with the big voice.Then she grew up and rubbed everyone the right way with her vocals — becoming one of the greatest singers of all time.The Texan native’s resume lists numerous television and film roles in productions such as “Jenny,” “Moesha,” “Thor,” “Lakeview Terrace” and “American Crime Story.” Godboldo is a founding member of former first daughter Chelsea Clinton’s CGI LEAD mentorship team and also created his own Mickey Mouse Club-inspired foundation, Always in the Club.Deedee Magno Filipina singer and actress Deedee Magno spent three years working with her Disney peers in the late-1980s and early-1990s.After starring on the variety show — and dating Mickey Mouse Club co-star Keri Russell — the musician and singer toured with a variety of popular music acts such as Maroon 5, Kelly Clarkson, Marc Anthony and Sara Bareilles.


musical impressions of pop divas like Cher, Shakira, and more have gone viral, but nothing was more spot-on than her take on former pop rival Britney Spears.Lindsey Alley Lindsey Alley was one of the first cast members to join the “All New Mickey Mouse Club” and starred on the show throughout its entire seven seasons.The lively troubadour found her sweet spot on the Broadway stage, acting and singing in a number of musicals and plays such as “First Wives Club,” “I Love You, You’re Perfect...” and “Hollywood Arms.” Alley also gathered film and television acting credits on productions such as “Ernest Saves Christmas,” “How I Met Your Mother,” “On the Patio” and “I Didn’t Do It.” Matt Morris Matt Morris shared the Mickey Mouse stage with future ‘N SYNC-er J. Chasez in a memorable song rendition of the Boyz II Men R&B chart-topper “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye.” Years later, the multi-instrumentalist followed a solo pop music career and signed a recording contract with Justin Timberlake’s record label Tennman Records.It was one of the most exclusive clubs in the world — and it catapulted the careers of several preteen and teenage members.

“The All New Mickey Mouse Club,” on Disney, was a variety television show that aired between 19.

In the midst of his rapid rise to stardom, the teenage idol was romantically involved with former Mickey Mouse Club co-star and rising pop princess, Britney Spears.


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