Free adult chateoulette

Bryant said half the chatters he encountered Monday morning were engaged in lewd behavior.

Last week, the site's founder, a Russian teenager named Andrey Ternovskiy, posted a note on a newly inactive site saying that "experiment #1 is over" and that "a renewed and updated version" would be back up in one day It was unclear whether the site, as it appeared Monday, was the final product of the planned upgrade.

But shortly after the site launched in November, Internet analysts began predicting that users exposing themselves online would be the death of Chatroulette.

Even a recent viral-marketing trailer for the horror movie "The Last Exorcism" played off of Chatroulette's reputation for salacious activity by showing an actress unbuttoning her blouse suggestively before transforming into a demonic beast.

Users have been known to dress in costumes or stage elaborate pranks for their chat partners.

Singer/songwriter Ben Folds used the site during some of his concerts, writing impromptu songs for the people who popped up on a projection of his computer screen.

-There is a zero tolerance for sexual harassment within the BCKM family.

Some users have reported fun and interesting conversations sparked on the site.(CNN) -- Chatroulette, the controversial website that offers random video chat with strangers, was back Monday after being down for more than a week for promised improvements.


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