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She said: “I mean, the king and queen in those days (George VI and Elizabeth) made an enormous effort to give - to keep their childhood sort of sacrosanct. And I think that they have succeeded awfully well.” Mrs Rhodes, who lived at Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace during the Second World War, also disclosed that she cried when she saw The King’s Speech, the Oscar-winning film in which Colin Firth depicted George VI’s struggle to overcome a severe stammer.She felt so moved that she raised a few points with the Queen, his daughter. And I think it did show the difficulties he surmounted.I love acts who dare to do their own thing and who are different, and these guys are definitely both.Their latest album, the live release from last year “.This show is super special, as it’s one that will have King performing his 1987 album, “.If you missed this guy drop his “Spred Luv” set at this year’s Houston Whatever Fest, or if you’ve never seen him before, then I feel sorry for you.

He played favorites old and new while his vocals sounded better than I’d heard in a long time.

The all ages show will more than likely have gratis adult beverages, and will be a great way to catch any Black Friday Record Store Day spillover as well. Their most recent album, this year’s “I Am Alive In Everything I Touch,” falls in line with their previous works. The 21 & up event allows artists, photographers, and newcomers to draw the model live.


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