Color blind dating service atlanta hina dating

But for some reason, people still tiptoe around couples with mixed races.People still ask questions like “What does your family think?When developing its new campaign, Valspar Paint wanted to encourage people to appreciate color to its fullest.If the people love the color, they’ll want to paint in those colors, right?FCB Chicago chief creative officer Todd Tilford says at first the idea seemed impossible.“Color blindness is a physical condition without a cure,” says Tilford.

We found Enchroma, a company from Berkley, Ca, that, to our surprise, was developing glasses that allow colorblind people to see color for the first time.

Georgia State is one of many colleges whose campus is crawling with diverse couples.

From different ages to mixed races, almost every kind of couple is found at Georgia State.

Jenny Vu has also gotten comments about her relationship since she is a Vietnamese female dating a white male.

“It’s weird when there’s another couple where both people are the same race, and they look at you like, ‘Why are you together?Valspar has launched a new initiative called #Color For All to bring color to the colorblind, and is raising awareness through a short film, appropriately titled “Color for the Colorblind.” As chronicled in the film, the brand and FCB Chicago teamed with En Chroma who developed glasses that allowed the colorblind to see colors.


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