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NET and C# provide only zero-based arrays and lists, and the . NET introduced the concept of a jagged array, whereby the rows can have unequal length as opposed to the uniform length of arrays imposed on Visual Basic programmers. NET allows for multiple inheritance for classes—multiple inheritance of interfaces is supported.

NET Common Language Specification requires zero-based arrays for interoperability between . Whilst the IDE does a reasonable job of hiding the fact, the dependence on Active X objects is dropped in Visual Basic . This shift is good for the Visual Basic developer since much of the performance issues in Visual Basic arose around the cost of the COM interface.


I’m looking for a guy who likes to plays but can keep it real.A programmer who has only worked with Visual Basic may encounter a steep learning curve to migrate to Visual Basic . A programmer who is versed in another language or who has had exposure to the . However, increment and decrement operators are not supported.



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