Israel dating on coins

Therefore, a Hebrew year contains roughly the last quarter of a Gregorian year and the first three quarters of the next.

Hebrew dates are read right to left and use Hebrew numerals.

Using the table below, locate a series of numerals, notated by a single quote (geresh) or double quote (gershayim) to the right of the left-most digit.

Typically the thousands place is omitted, but is notated by the date having two sets of quotes: the digit(s) after the right-most quote being the thousands place. To calculate the date, add all the remaining digits together, along with the thousands place.

The Jewish New Year falls in September or October by Christian calendar reckoning. Explore it as follows: the first two characters from the right indicating the number of years in hundreds: tav (ת, 400), plus shin (ש, 300).

A coin like this could illustrate the Roman army was in the region as far back as 2,000 years ago, “possibly in the context of activity against Bar Kokhba supporters in the Galilee – but it is very difficult to determine that on the basis of a single coin,” Ariel said.

“Historical sources describing the period note that some Roman soldiers were paid a high salary of three gold coins, the equivalent of 75 silver coins, each payday,” Ariel said.

Modern Israel's coins carry Hebrew dating formed from a combination of the 22 consonant letters of the Hebrew alphabet and should be read .

Nevertheless, to get the correct output from the converter you must enter the symbols as you see them from left to right, which is not correct from the Hebrew point of view.

“Because of their high monetary value soldiers were unable to purchase goods in the market with gold coins, as the merchants could not provide change for them”.


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