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The bar’s walls are also smeared with life lessons, such as not to hook up with ugly people, and not to have sex in the bathroom. Two single people in a photo booth after several rounds of drinks is always a good idea.It just opened in September, but this new kid on the block is already gaining popularity amongst the Uptown singles crowd.Be prepared for breakout dance parties, without that terrible clubby feeling. OK, so your tone-deaf singing of Elton John hits doesn’t seem like a surefire way to get someone to sleep with you, but hear us out.It’s been proven time and time again, especially at Planet Rose, that karaoke brings people together in a very intimate way.The bar has tons of interesting craft beers available (many of which are local), as well as great burgers, and a weekly beer club on Wednesdays -- so you can really get to know your fellow beer enthusiasts on a more intimate level.It may seem from the outset like every other bar done up in that “reclaimed” style, but the food and drinks at The Bonnie are exceptionally on point.Wednesday-Saturdays tend to be the most popular nights when singles come out to dance and... It’s a live music venue, as well, and everyone is encouraged to get up on their feet and dance to eclectic sets that include generation favorites from “Livin’ on a Prayer” to “Uptown Funk.” But bottom line: drinks are cheap and strong, and the crowd is largely unattached.



This 2015 arrival to Harlem is reinventing nightlife in upper Manhattan.If you’re over the age of 25 and single, you get a pass on us to go check this place out and cross it off your horny-in-New York bucket list.


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