Gridview not updating


After filling the Grid View click on the Grid View; click EDIT Column convert to field to convert this field into a Template Field.

If I look at the Command Text in the Row Updating there is no value substituted for the parameter: so, for this type of provider the parameter sending doesn't work. I solved it by re-configuring the Sql Data Source (use the wizard again) and uncheck the "Use Optimistic Concurrency" option. I noticed that after making a lot of changes to a gridview template fields, change or update the datasource, and if I answer yes to the prompt, my Gridview gets update and my changes undone. I did try to get help from net and this was the closest forum to my problem. Hi I have a gridview and when i click on select button it must give value selected rows all values in other textbox plz can you help me in this regard. I change a name from "Clyde" to "Charles" and I click "Update".


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