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The bad news for Volkswagen fans is the huge price escalation of the past few years; these days the seven-seater Caravelle is confirmed as a ,000-plus proposition, a tribute to the decline of the dollar against the Deutschmark, even in cheaper CL form.If you want the plush GL model I recently tested for a week, then it is going to cost you ,856 for the privilege, without any extras beyond the optional three-speed automatic transmission.Pedal to the metal through loose stuff to get the back wheels spinning.This can be hair raising at times, especially going over crests.But on the top-line GL Caravelle you do get velour seat trimming, a good sound system and central door locking.The test vehicle was also fitted with an optional three-speed automatic transmission, and you can add a sunroof, air conditioning and various paint choices.


Naturally all the Govt people were amazed at the ride, expecting it to be similar to Jap 4WDs, but they soon had their opinions changed.

And, when you consider that air-conditioning is more than ,200 it isn’t hard to imagine a ,000 Caravelle.

The Japanese are catching up fast, mind you, and there is talk of a ,000 Tarago before the year is out, but still the Caravelle is out in front for the time being.

VW Australia decided to do a pre press release demo to VW dealers and selected Government bodies such as the Army, Water Resources Commission, Forestry Commission and so on.


The area chosen for the test drive (fun ride) was Duffy’s Forest, north of Sydney.The only significant differences are in the engine bay at the back.


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