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I met my husband Steve while I was in college where we began dating in my first few days at college.He wasn't my first sexual partner, but I was far from experienced.I knew both of these guys in passing from my husband's office.They were both in their twenties and had very nice bodies.My husband started playing pool with a few of the guys and left me at the bar. A few hours of drinking later and I was feeling no pain at all.I got up from the bar and made way over to where my husband had been playing pool. I asked the two guys who were playing pool if they knew where my husband was.My long auburn hair goes to middle of my back and is usually in a pony tail.I have large green eyes and a few freckles on my face, revealing my Irish ancestry.

I have to admit it was fun to play the slutty prison guard in our bedroom.Nearly all of the people here were much younger than my husband and I and the bodies were all spectacular.Soon I was completely at ease in my revealing outfit, because of all the younger, hotter, sluttier women at the party to gather the guy's attention. I discovered that most of the women around me didn't know anyone there either and we all started talking and drinking heavily.I had only had sex with two guys before him and they were both high schoolers with very little experience themselves. I had never had an orgasm before and he easily brought me to three that night.

I've been in love with him ever since and we married shortly after I graduated college and moved to Nashville to start a family.Jeff was dressed as a navy guy and I have to say he looked really hot in the nice white uniform.


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