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Kevin Berthiaume and Michael Bousquet by showing their skill and effort, already have a seat on the Junior Varsity bench this year. Freshman Ken Amiott, has been deadly from underneath, picking up offensive rebounds and tossing them up and in for two points. Jaeger Insurance Agency 113 Main Street Sturbridge, MA 01566 Judith A. Osberg (617)347-5571 Homeowners, Commercial, Auto mobile, Health, Life Congratulations Seniors! Above: Members of the freshman class take part in snow sculpture competition.

These Freshman players strive to improve each day, hoping to catch the eye of the J. Stavre Vesovski from Yugoslavia, has been improving daily, and is also looking forward to playing Varsity next year. Boys (I to r): 1st row: Randall Garneau, Travis Reilly, Rico Giovanello, Ken Amiott, Andy May. Below: Gary Hackett and Dan Cournoyer help Randy Garneau distract his opponent in the staring contest. Senior Linda Kantorski watches as Robin Lebel blinks her eyes for the loss. Singing Into Spring Dedication and hard work define the Show Choir.

She soon thereafter started doing print advertising, and from there made the transition to acting.

Tatiana has been in numerous commercials, infomercials, and industrial videos in the fashion...

We enter as an empty paint canvas without color, a clump of clay that has not yet been sculpted, or an idea that has not yet been composed. Year by year color is added to the picture, the clay begins to take shape, and the idea starts to develop.

Each form begins to reflect its own identity and personality.


This is shown through their determination and commitment to the team. Golf Street Southbridge, MA 01550 Cranen Southbridge 76U-8731 _. Town & Country Flowers 42 Main Street Southbridge, MA 01550 Congratulations to the Class ot 1987 From Big Discount Liquors 425 East Main Street Southbridge, MA 01550 Congratulations! Farrand 570 South Street Treasurer Southbridge, Mass.

Sports 59 We Belong to a World That Must Be Strong As the J. game comes to an end, the anxiety of the fans can be felt while the song "Dreams" echoes throughout the gym.

The Varsity Basketball team, led by Vin Marino enters and starts their pre-game warm-ups.

Tatiana Langseth is a Russian model and actress with 12 years of experience.

She started in the modeling industry with hair and fashion shows.The clump of clay is now a beautiful sculpture and the idea, a story.


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    Regent student Jessica Van Der Wyngaard is currently in the planning stages of filming a documentary which traces her fellow Regent student Josh Harris's process as he re-evaluates his popular 1997 book, .

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    Longshore Currents are simply the current that moves along the beach, usually in the direction that the wind is blowing or the waves are breaking.

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