Dating phone etiquette for men thedatingsite com

We have gotten very far from the things we were taught as children but now we are starting to believe that our parents werent so foolish after all.This is not to say that women should never under any circumstances call a man but there are some guidelines that certainly should be followed.Once you become an "item" then you can call him or he can call you.This defines the time when the "chase" has officially ended and he has caught his prey.If the argument or fight was prompted by something he did that made you angry then perhaps you better let him call you.Never make a man grovel when he wasnt wrong and never grovel yourself if you were not wrong.After Several Dates Once the two of you have established some kind of rapport and he seems to have shown genuine interest in being with you and spending time with him then it is fine to call once in awhile or even text him a good morning or hello.

Either way this is a time when calling a man is acceptable.

He is the hunter and he likes the thrill of a chase.


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    If you find the person on the other side short tempered, inconsistent in his/her comments, disrespectful, seeking financial help them, it is the time to stop right there.

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