Old dating superstitions


On the one hand, they’re plainly untrue, which is good because otherwise we’d spend half of our GDP on sidewalk repairs to prevent the paralysis of every mother in America.

On the other hand, when was the last time you saw a shooting star without going ahead and making a wish just in case?

However, along with the wasted oil, Italians believe bad luck and misery pour out of the bottle as well.

And what could be more unpredictable than the early whirlwind of a passionate romance?

Whenever we are unsure of ourselves, or the prospect of loss is great, many of us engage in activities that we believe are somehow linked to securing what we want in life. To begin, it picks up on unusual events or happenings when things have gone well in an effort to repeat the success.

Unfortunately, after doing some research I determined that so-called expert advice is next to useless.

In lieu of that, I’ve consulted one of my favorite books, Iona Opie and Moira Tatem’s sadly out of print “The sexton of St.Maybe we shouldn’t always try to act rationally, but rather allow ourselves to occasionally go with the emotional flow and comfort that rituals can provide.



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