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The game has spawned the successful mobile app Draw Something.Drawsum is a huge collaborative drawing application where anyone can draw onto a massive shared canvas. There is only one canvas and everyone shares it to make one collective artwork, allowing for both collaboration on a drawing or doodling in a corner. Based on a multi-user drawing/chat Java applet that was developed for the Etchinghill Studios website in March 1997.None of these features exist in open Canvas 2.x and later.Copies of o C11b72(open Canvas 1.1b72) remain in wide circulation on the Internet because of this.The applet was further developed so that multiple whiteboard and chat sessions could be hosted on the same server, and in 1998 it was released as Groupboard.

Ten minutes after all users have closed their browser windows running the session, the session's content is deleted if it is not saved before.

There are also several tabs to switch to, which display the contents of all messages received, or only those from one chosen type; Friends Chat, Private Messages, Clan Chat or Guest Clan Chat.

Access to the Emotes interface is through the chat interface, and there is a toggle for displaying online status to all, friends or no-one, and toggles for always-on mode and chat badges.

Each user can create an own paint chat room and invite friends to collaborate on it.

Finished drawings can be saved to Queeky's art gallery. This is a web application utilizing the HTML5 specification.

Game messages and server wide announcements also appear in this tab.


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