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Not a fan of Lee Jin Wook, but their chemistry are quite good though i was actually rooting for her to end up with the pianist.This is a good drama, not boring, whole drama interesting, it talks about reality , resembles to our daily life, Ha Ji Won was so stunning and the Lee Jinwook match her acting , Thumbs Up!Others might find this drama boring because it talks about the reality in life with common daily activities and life experiences. I am a great fan of kdrama but I think i just waste my precious time.I would have liked a bigger kind of ending, but it was beautiful still. Gotta admit that this was Ha Ji Won's worst drama ever.Ha Ji Won looks gorgeous & her acting is fantastic as usual, its just that the storyline is boring.


Choi Won works as an assistant purser for an airline.What really annoyed me about this drama was the dragging.It was a constant drag and I only really finished it because I didn't hate the drama and I was already a few episodes away from being done. feel good kdrama :) Ok so I've never commented here because I have never felt the need to but I just needed to say that this was actually the worst thing I've ever seen in my entire existence.And now after watch it again i have different view .. And for HJW, you are always my beloved actrees , love you , eonni ... I am watching this drama now, have watched until eps 11, I found it is very enjoyable to watch,enlightened story and the botht leads HJW and LJW are so loveable, totally recommended!Nice !Wish you happy new ymdar everybody ! I have watched this drama for several times,because i love the casts,the setting,the story,the soundtrack,this drama makes me smile a lot when i face hard times .thanks to the production team,the actors,the director,and SBS for making this lovely and entertaining drama ever! this drama is the best K drama for me so far, though there were two times change the crew production but its totally great to watch.

stay healthy and pretty always :-) @ winda s., how are you doing? Its very unlikely I come back to read comments after such a long time but well, it must be God's will that I return here. The main casts did great job here and all the supporting casts as well, thank you,and wish u all a merry xmas^_^ If you are looking for a regular, OTT, unrealistic romantic drama with forced situations, as most romantic Asian dramas are, this isn't for you.With this type of drama, the action happens in a way that may seem dull to some because it is not an action filled drama. Where most shows have flat characters, there are not really characters that do not go through growth in the show.


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