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Weekend getaways and travel escorts costs up to 87 (100,000 Rupees).

Finding sex workers or escorts in Delhi is very different than many other parts of the world.

The going-rates for full service are usually a couple of US Dollars, depending of the girl and you’re negotiating skills.

If you decide to have sex in this red-light area, it’s really mandatory to use condom! Always be polite and respect the local sex workers because they don’t probably have any other places to go or any other ways to earn money in their life.

And apart from that there is a regular crowd consisting mostly of the patent clients. Road is very dirty for western standards and not the most hygienic area on Earth.

They can be often seen if an individual passes by the GB Road in Delhi. There are thousands of poor girls living and working in these buildings along the road.



Due to the demand for foreign prostitutes in the city, women from former Soviet Republic countries working as prostitutes are sold for three to four times higher than Indian prostitutes, according to media reports.

Police officers in the Indian city of Delhi estimate that there are up to 2,000 prostitutes from foreign countries.


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