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Paint over the pictures with more Mod Podge to seal.Before sealing you may like to let the wand dry and then apply brown paint to antique it a bit.Black paired with silver and gold are really beautiful choices for this technique.7.Large hardware stores carry aluminum tape, which is basically sticky aluminum foil. For extra coolness, drizzle hot glue on your dowel first, or wrap it with cord, wire, or layers of narrow masking tape. Put on more tape, exposing unpainted wood, and repeat the process until you have a design you like.10.Look for the kind that has both large and small openings.Once you have a rough dome shape, sanding it smooth is very easy.• If you wand has a plastic component, like a pen barrel handle, don't waste your money on special plastic paint.Instead of rolling up plain paper, try rolling up a blank transparency sheet. Pet stores sell aquarium lift tubes, which are used to circulate water in fish tanks. You can design caps for each end out of polymer clay and glue them on with lots of waterproof glue (pick up some aquarium sealant while you're at the pet store).That would make the wand fillable; try baby oil and confetti.12. Now take a length of very thick copper wire (very cheap to get by the foot at Home Depot) and make a small loop at each end.

Insert this into the wand and stuff it with cotton balls or polyester fill. Gussy up the business end of your wand with some of these ideas:• Glue on a quartz crystal point or marble and wrap with leather, cloth or ribbon• Drill a hole and insert a crystal• Tie ribbons to the end• Cut a notch and glue in a wooden star or other shape• Add a strand or two of beads or feathers• Glue on a large-holed bead or dowel topper• Hammer in a decorative nail (check the upholstery section of your craft store)• Drawer pull• Jingle bells3. Paint on some Mod Podge and apply cut-out images from magazines, old books, wrapping paper, printouts, even newspaper ads.

Make sure you follow the directions on the label and don't let the kids use it.

Middle school and up can handle it - just don't get it on skin and clothes.• If you Google the search term "magic wand," make sure "safe search" is on. My absolute favorite children's book about wands is The Wandmaker's Guidebook.

You can get them at your local Home Depot or Lowe's.

You might even be able to find hollow ones that you can fill like the acetate wand (see below).10. Now you can fill the tube up with glitter, confetti, feathers, tiny beads, or anything else you want. You can wrap colorful paper around the tips to conceal the tape, if you like.11.

I bought it for my class but I decided not to use it with them - it's just too beautiful.


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