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I'd like to make a remote-apt-get wrapper that generates a list of the required packages, stores that on a USB stick.

Then I connect the USB stick on the windows machine and run the application from there, and it downloads the required packages.

there is a new utility that will create a "repo" on cd or stick but I've forgotten the name. Scunizi sure, but at "fresh-install on new disk" time, we don't have a uuid yet, because the disk isn't fornated, and the grub groot= is off by one.

(remember, Pissy's by design think that drives stay at the same location between boots, which isn't true of USBDISK ;-(Scunizi, too much manual work.

See: https:// need help with openvpn-server when doing ./build-ca I get the error ./build-ca: line 8: ./pkitool: No such file or directory | now there is a in the dir set to 775 does anybody happen to have the correct pkitool for me, since I can't find it on the net anywhere, please? The mixer isnt detecting anything ( I cant go to the volume control menu ) and whenever I try to play an mp3 I get "[../../../src/audio_oss.c:188] error: Can't open default sound device! i am running ubuntu on my ps3, and i edited the file. what command can i enter at the boot: that will stop it from autobooting?

Innomen, I would try and reinstall ubuntu while it is plugged in then, but no garranties, there is probably an eaiser way to do it, well not easier but which doesn't require an install, at this point it's a bit over my headslaps: A desktop environment is what "puts the pieces of a ! alternate download), install always crashes after it starts the partitioner...

I tried every file system, scandicked and checked for errors, anyone have any ideas?

He wants to download the software on Windows and then install it on Ubuntu using a USB stick.i had to repartition about 4 times...........i wanted to give windows more space.......i wanted to give linux more space..........something went wrong.......i said screw it ill use ntfs-3g and give both equal space I'm having some troubles installing.. The GUI fires up fine, when I go to install, right after "starting up partitoner" or something. one has 100% windows, the second I've i've tried unformatted, and linux formatted, neither have workedsooo...


what is happening when you're building a new kernel, you run "make-kpkg -initrd --revision=386 kernel image kernel_headers modules_image" and it finishes without errors... Xi Xa Q one problem I had with USB is that when I boot from the USBstick it thinks it is /dev/sda1 - then when I have finished the install, an boot from the internal disk (dev/sda) the grub loader cant find its files on (hd1,0) - that's why I went to PXE-boot-Xi Xa Q, well...

hello, I install apache and php in my ubuntu7.04, but i cann't start apache server.


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