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The campground is about 30 mins drive from Yosemite Valley which is not too bad.

The campground is at the start of the Tioga Pass Road, which is absolutely fantastic and the real reason to visit Yosemite NP in my opinion.

However, some of the sites are a bit difficult to get into unless you are in a small rig.


There were so many campfires that I felt that I was in a slash and burn forest.(*= more info in the blurbs below) The plusses for Crane Flat are that : it is about equidistance from the 3 places we wanted to see-Yosemite Valley, Tuolumne Meadows and Glacier Point It is near a gas station and small store if you need an ADA site they are great Minuses: We did not see a level site and mostly they weren't even close You need to fill your water tanks first and the CG with water are not close* There is no dump nearby No cell service and signage about where to make an emergency call* General Info: Crane Flat is located on Tioga Rd which goes to Tioga Pass and Tuolumne Meadows but is near the turnoff to Yosemite Valley.If coming from the west you will have many miles of very sharp curves, on a steep climb hugging the side of a cliff.My wife actually became a little asthmatic from all the smoke.


The sites are generally not level and leveling the camper was a challenge. On the plus side: All the other campgrounds in Yosemite NP are even worse.Think loud yelling kids, unmonitored by adults, roaring campfires near...


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