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"Special dietary requests are definitely on the rise," says Takis Melitsiotis, director of operations at Conrad Dublin, a popular five-star wedding venue.

"Where there are multiple requests, one month's notice is really helpful as it allows our chef to put thought into the menu.

"If someone decides against attending a wedding, they're not obliged to give a reason," says Mrs2co-founder Keith Malone, "although many do out of politeness.

Whether or not they should send a gift instead really depends on how well they know the couple.


After we got engaged on Christmas Day, we received a few bottles of fizz and cards from friends and family, which was a nice surprise.

Irish couple Patsy O'Connor and Radina Hadzhieva hit headlines earlier this year when they auctioned off seats for their dream Las Vegas wedding.

But is crowdfunding your big day an 'I do' or an 'I don't'?

But we're not doing a wedding list - cash is always the winner.

Recently, I've heard of some couples crowdfunding their wedding.In the past, wearing white to a wedding was considered the ultimate style taboo.



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