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when having problems, give information about your computer).That way your email can be answered and your issue be resolved much faster.Punch Staffversion: 2.4.0-devauthors: [Kasper Franz]description: Punch staff - That is always fun : Dpermissions: antiad.notify.update: description: Allows a player to recieve information when a new update is available.default: op Should be: AD/Anti Ad/master/src/main/resources/Can you describe more in depth what the problem is - this is the first time i have heard about a problem between banmanager and Anti Ad - can i get you to create a issue on Github with your log (showing that one instance and your config) Could it be possible to use custom regex statements, instead of pre-configured filters?Banning them is useless; the damage is already done. Banning the player for the first offense against the filter? Without it we won’t be able to process your request.Make sure that you send your request to support[at]only.

They may not be sucessful the first or the second time, but in seconds, they have polluted the chat with the IP-adress or the name of the server they're advertising. I hope you will add these features to the plugin, so I and numerous others can start using it.Nobody likes a sore loser, but a sore winner is even worse.


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