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Tom is currently enjoying his off-season from the NFL after winning the Super Bowl with his team, the New England Patriots, back in February.

"I've always seen [Brady] as a clean-cut young man."For a time, it appeared that Brady and Moynahan might settle down together.Weis, a former offensive coordinator for the Patriots and now head coach at the University of Notre Dame, is suing two doctors from Massachusetts General Hospital , contending their negligence after his gastric bypass surgery nearly killed him.The possibility that Brady might become a father came as a surprise to some of his fans yesterday. But if he did, that tarnishes his image as the Golden Boy."Grudzinski's husband countered that Brady would do the right thing for his former girlfriend."If he doesn't accept responsibility, that would be even more unbelievable," Mike Grudzinski said, finishing his beer. Tom Brady got honest about his talked-about marriage to Gisele Bundchen in a new interview and said that forging and maintaining their "strong" bond has taken a lot of work.

The NFL quarterback, 38, sat down with Access Hollywood at an event on Monday, May 9, where Brady watched a snippet of a separate interview Bundchen had recently conducted with the outlet.

"Tom’s become very nasty and irritable and started acting out on her," a source said of the 2015 Super Bowl MVP at the time.



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