Regina king dating malcolm

Now Percy has to adjust to living with his father he barely really knows and his stepmother and half-siblings, he also has to learn how to be a merman and realizes that there are so many different supernatural creatures as he is enrolled in a special high school for the supernatural.

And like his life wasn't already complicated enough, he meets Nico di Angelo, the so-called Ghost King.

So if you want a pairing, request a plot for said pairing and we'll see- Fandoms I'm not a part of; chances are that if I haven't written for the fandom yet, I'm not part of it or not interested enough in it to invest time in stories for it3.) If you want a birthday present fic, then please request ahead of time.

At least one month ahead, so I have time to actually write it.

(i.e.: "Write Romeo & Juliet with Nico as Romeo and Percy as Juliet!

")- only a pairing; don't just spring a pairing at me and say "I want you to write more of this! If I had a plot for a pairing I like, I can assure you, I would be writing it.

Everything seems to crash down around Percy as Poseidon learns about the domestic abuse Percy and Sally suffer at Gabe's hands and thinks he has a right to take Percy away from home.

Instead, Nico does find him after only a short time and brings him to Camp Jupiter to keep him safe.

So instead of being on the run and homeless for six months, Percy gets to live in New Rome, together with Reyna and Nico at the praetors' house where Nico is crashing as an 'honorable guest' due to his status as ambassador of a god, be welcomed and make new friends.: Nico, Jason and Percy decide to go on a road trip together - they really deserve it after the wars.

My question now, are you guys interested in reading an original story of mine? Author has written 426 stories for Detective Conan/Case Closed, X-Men: The Movie, Eureka, Entourage, Jungle Cubs, Transformers, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Tale Spin, Kane Chronicles, Rise of the Guardians, Teen Wolf, Lion King, Arrow, Kuroko no Basuke/黒子のバスケ, Haikyu/ハイキュー, How to Train Your Dragon, Voltron: Legendary Defender, Avengers, Shadowhunters, and Mortal Instruments.

Seeing as it happened to me twice now, I want to make this clear on my profiles, because I wouldn't know where else. I have my fanfictions on AO3 and FFNet, where I have my accounts.A vampire and heir to the supernatural lord of New York.: "The Alphas of Percy Jackson" is going to be a collection of short, unrelated stories set in the ABO-verse and centered around omega! If things go as planned, it will feature all of my favorite pairings.


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