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His classes were known to be some of the toughest classes offered. A founding member of the Los Angeles Police Department's elite Wilshire CRASH unit, he currently serves as Team Leader on the Huntington Beach Police Department SWAT team.

His passion for teaching and making people safe was second to none. He has been both a member and supervisor of protective details for celebrities, executives and high-profile court witnesses.

He is involved in the military and therefore relates very well to the needs of our military and law enforcement students here. Jimmy is known for helping others to success, through his positive attitude and encouragment. She is very involved in her training and a dedicated student.

She brings a great sense of fun and hard work to her classes.


While having never served in either he utilizes his expertise in martial arts to offer practical solutions to officer safety and trainng methods.

Unfortunately Ken was taken from us earlier this year 2012. Ken's son is a student here and will carry on his Fathers passion for the martial arts. He is also a firearms training instructor, protective/defensive driving instructor, and a patrol/SWAT tactics instructor.

He has performed in numerous films and television commercials as a precision driver and stuntman, and is a member of the Screen Actors Guild. Nick's extensive training background provides him with the drive to teach others Krav Maga.

With increasing focus on the data center’s bottom line, flooring cannot be overlooked.


From cabling to heat load to increased weight loading, the right flooring system is the foundation for smooth, flexible and long-term facility operation.

He loves instructing so that he is able to push students farther than they thought possible. He brings an energy and passion to teaching that is rarely matched.


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