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The result of their combined effort is presented in an orderly, easy to read format in the reports offered below.

Special acknowledgment is given here (in alphabetical order) to Jerry Biasella, Terry Hathaway, Dana Johnson, Rusty King, David Ramey Jr., John Rutoskey, and Don Teach, not only for gathering and organizing data, but also for help with the creation of this introductory section and the survey form.

He happily dropped numerous coins into the various coin operated pianos, orchestrions, and organs that filled rooms throughout the sprawling tavern.

Being involved in music all his life, he also learned to tune pianos while in high school.

After developing the Cremona A roll piano at Marquette, he formed the J. In 1909, Seeburg left Marquette and began building Seeburg coin pianos with new and different mechanisms, cabinet styles, and the Seeburg name, for sale to other customers.



At first, this basic model had no style letter, but when other, fancier styles were added to the Seeburg line, it was named the style A. Having attended design classes at Chicago’s famous Art Institute a few years earlier, he pioneered the use of colorful art glass in the upper front panel of the piano, illuminated by electric lights inside.

Over the years, Seeburg produced many styles of coin pianos, orchestrions, photoplayers, and mortuary organs, until the electronic amplifier caused their demise, and the company went on to became one of the major manufacturers of coin-operated phonographs.

In 1924, a group of current Seeburg and former Marquette officials formed the Western Electric Piano Company, as a secret subsidiary of the Seeburg company.

As the decades went by and the database grew, he learned to watch for and document even the most minor cosmetic and mechanical changes in each instrument.

Many collectors, enthusiasts, and restorers have submitted information to Art for many years.From 1909 to 1921, Seeburg bought pianos from other piano manufacturers and installed the player mechanisms, art glass, electrical parts, etc.



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