Txt to fuck site no bs

I do my best not to believe stereotypes and give people a fair break, especially regarding gender, but nothing frustrates my efforts more than online dating sites.I’ve used OKCupid three times in the past decade — each time making a new profile and starting fresh, because when you never get a single reply from anyone, you’re obviously doing something wrong, right?Let’s recap: like any other man using a dating site, Chris Mc Kinlay couldn’t get a message in his inbox, much less anyone willing to meet him in person, still less someone willing to with him.So he hacked the site using multiple accounts — most of them fake and run by bots — to gather info on potential matches that the site itself didn’t bother gathering, resulting in his profile becoming so ideal to so many women his inbox was obese with excited messages.


If nothing else, you should take this away from my rant: if you feel like you can’t find anybody, you’re not alone.

The long and short of it is, online dating is broken whether you pay for it or not.

This brings us to article two, where a math genius had to hack the “best” dating site of all to make the service remotely useful. He got engaged to a nice young lady….after almost a hundred bogus dates.

"Back then, I dealt with heartbreak by wallowing in it and listening to music that made me sad.

But as I got older, I realised the quicker I got over things - going out with my girlfriends and having a good time - the quicker the healing process would begin.

I’m not usually one to bitch and moan on a blog just to relieve my frustration, partly because I know nobody would read it anyway.



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