Dating vintage jbl d130f speaker

Then I could factually represent it on e Bay or your marketplace or ??? If you care to know I originally bought it at a flea market for a ridiculously low price. It will need to be ported much differently for any application.If you haven't already checked this out, take a look: your 130A have a cast magnet return pot or a welded pot? They are rectangular in cross section, the cast ones have the familiar rounded corners.If you look at the 1971 Pro Catalogue you can compare the weights of the original era 2220a/130a and that of the early era 2205 to those same speakers as found at the 1974 Pro Catalog .


It is a bit of a pain but I've done some of the work below.

nylon straps clipped to the baffles with my custom engineering. WAY MORE DISPLACEMENT (Xmax) At first I thought "could the supension be that much softer? because it's just the same CONE paper formed and not like foam or anything. Suspicions confirmed ten years later when friends' ARs started disintegrating! Lasted longer than most, tho.) They just don't make 'em like they used to. It now seems important for my cabinet design parameters if I can't go by the D130 book. This was changed on subsequent models because of the difficulty in maintaining the quality control necessary. Which is the original I thought it was the D130 w/o letter??

They rode out the Loma Prieta earthquake no problema on 4 600 lb. Would need a thinner bobbin (flimsy) or longer wrap to do that. Higher EFF tends to eliminate the longer-wrap coil theory as I think about it again... Too many factors involved to pick one efficiency contribution. The least important one of the bunch until you put a system together. My 312's finally cracked out their suspensions; boo hooooooo. The 130A manufacturing curiosity started out strictly from a history buff. Sorry to interrupt but I had read a long time ago that the original D130 had a more narrow VC gap which gave better control and efficiency.

We didn't do speaker work at Western Radio Lab in Mountain View CA. That could account for the lower Qts I think (I could never understand "Q" until he appeared on Star Trek). Sounds like a D130 cone would be out of the question if the coil is that much unique. I would buy a NOS 130A cone as a backup if somebody knows somebody who knows somebody. It's tempting to try closed back and front-- like my kickass Marshall 1912 guitar lead cab w/ a single 12" Celestion Sidewinder (150W! Vintage tone, Schmintage tone--I've got active pickups in my bass guitar.

I was an audio tech in the 80's who knew of the D130 series but surmised this "L" model 130A was a bargain consumer series or some cheap OEM special. I'll guess a much thinner and longer reflex port path for bass guitar cab, like a slit extending back 3/4 of a typical cab depth? A JIM LANSING SIGNATURE on overdrive in the 60-200 Hz range would be truly unique. I might use it for an extension cab unit if the right match came along. I started as the Dual turntable specialist because their changer mechanisms drove the other techs nuts. He was my boss/mentor/expert on magnetic tape recording.) It was in a homemade corner cabinet with a University mid horn/xover and Jensen high horn/xover as yet unidentified. I have gotten newer sound equipment--which will not need such a monster. No, I will not sell my 1984 Altec Lansing 312 stereo speakers relegated to the game room. Best setup was in another house suspended from the gabled ceiling angled down to ear level. Assuming the same throat gap and bobbin/coil clearances, I suppose Jim coulda put more turns of larger cross sectional area wire on. So the 130A has much MUCH MORE THROAT DEPTH to allow for that... Every musical instrument has a resonant hump somewhere. Stop me (with design facts) before I go off the deep end!


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