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Another man who I had dated over four years ago had decided to make contact with me as well but I didn’t even entertain him with a response.This is what you have to know about being blown off. It is one of the few times where your pride is an asset.If something goes wrong or say their voicemail box is full I will call again either later that night or one day later.Personally, I screen all of my calls and I never return a call to a number if they have not left a voicemail. It is proof that you called and it’s highly unlikely that they will not get your voicemail. In fact let’s say that they received a phone call the exact moment that you were calling and they have no idea that you called at all. Whether you want to wait anywhere from two to twenty-four hours is your choice. Believe that this person can’t wait to connect with you just as much as you want to connect with them.Let’s not assume they dropped their phone in a toilet or had to leave town and left their phone charging on the kitchen counter.Everything is running smoothly, the universe is in working order, you have already called twice, left one message and you have not heard a word back.I was dating a guy who was super sweet, right before I lost my cell phone.



That fur collar not only blocks out the wind but blocks out the bougie, just screaming luxe luxe luxe.The singer will soon be embarking on yet another project after landing a guest role on Nashville, playing a pop star named Jade St.John who decides she wants to record a country album, People reports.The biggest mistake single men and women make is appearing to be If you were being heavily pursued by others you wouldn’t have the time to rehash past affairs and contact those who clearly want nothing to do with you, you wouldn’t even be thinking about them.


So let’s be honest with ourselves, why you still thinking about this person?It should never be assumed that someone is blowing you off from the jump because you’re a wonderful person with good judgment and a lot to offer, right?


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    Our writers explore and prepare you for the thoughts and feelings we all experience on our dating journey to keep things fun and interesting.

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