Tips for dating someone stubborn

Maybe you’re dating someone who says the wrong things to you occasionally, but who otherwise is a great guy.

Maybe you’re dating someone who just doesn’t know how to communicate.

When your boyfriend says or does something mean, let him know immediately that it's not okay.

Say something like that, "That was really rude" or "You need to stop right now." If you feel like you can't say anything because you're afraid he's going to get more angry, that's not okay and you need to remove yourself from the situation. If he's not emotionally abusive, he'll stop what he's doing when you tell him he's acting like a jerk.

We are often so focused on the needs of our partner that we may not even realize that our needs aren’t being met (another reason why time for solitary reflection is important because only when we are alone can we reconnect with our own wants and needs).

Be generous with your appreciation and it will always be reciprocated. If you are upset (which we can often tell if you are) you to tell us.


Be mature and calm when discussing this so things don't get out of hand.Talking to him when he's angry will only make him defensive.


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