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The insider described the false report as "so sad." The source said the worst part about the false rumor is that it will likely hurt Elliott's feelings. Elliott was first rumored to have wed a same-sex partner in a secret ceremony in Oct. A follower reportedly wrote to the rapper on Twitter: '"I'm hearing you got married and I don't give a f--k what haters say. I wish u the best..." Elliott allegedly replied, "No I did not! Ppl who have nothing better to do but talk and tell lied are #Gossip Folks!

Nowadays, her name may mean more to social media-whoring teens but southern hummingbird Tweet continuously creates music that catapults music lovers to the days when R&B and pop weren’t kissing cousins.

The “Oops (Oh My) vocalist is currently prepping her third studio project Simply Tweet and dropping off a five-track mixtape for good measure.

Vixen recently caught up with the cocoa complected beauty about her musical evolution, relationship with Missy Elliott and which artist she feels can follow in her musical footsteps.

I come from the church and right now, what caused me to take a break, was to get my spiritual life together. I wouldn’t be singing and I wouldn’t have the gift. All Hip Outside of the EP, what are you working on?

I have to give God back his glory because if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be here. Happily knowing that people still want to hear the music is such a blessing. This is what I love to do and I’m just happy to share it with those that want to hear.

In 2002, Tweet's Timbaland-produced hit single "Oops (Oh My)" became an instant classic of the era.

Charlene Keys’ church-trained vocals paired with her sensual sass carried her to the top of the R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay chart as her debut , Tweet discusses her personal and musical self-reflection, teaming up again with Timbaland and Missy Elliott and how Twitter has changed the music maker's grind.


Instrumentation, real life music and things they can relate to. That’s a sister of mine so we’ve got to stay together.Since I’ve been gone so long, I didn’t want to flood them with collabs. If anything, Twitter would have to change something up.All Hip Twitter is very popular and the term “Tweet” has an entirely new meaning to it. I was here first, and they took everything that I brought to the table. My father gave me that nickname, so no way am I changing that at all.They’re putting out great music so I’m happy where it is.

All Hip Do you think that soulful music has a place right now? It’s missing, that’s the only thing I would add to that.I wish I had a camera with me the whole time, so you guys would know.


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