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To send alerts to your team's Facebook page, you must be an admin of that page as well.(If you're not already, ask one of the admins to add you).If you are not logged in, you will need to enter your Twitter username and password first.Once you click on “Authorize” it will redirect you back to Facebook where you see the following screen and can select what type of content you’d like to share by clicking on the boxes.If you have a public Facebook page, you can set up tweets to be posted as updates there as well, in addition to your Facebook profile.Click "Allow" where it says "Allow posting to one of your pages." You'll be asked to allow Twitter to allow Facebook to connect to your pages, and after you click "Okay," a drop-down list of your Facebook pages will appear under your Facebook Connect app information on Twitter. Unfortunately, you can only select one page if you manage multiple pages.

We are big fans of Sprout Social and have been using it for years, but there are plenty to choose from.

Keep in mind that any @replies you tweet on Twitter or direct messages you send will not show up on Facebook.

Remember that you can manage your auto-posting options anytime by checking or unchecking any of these options in your Facebook Connect app, or you can even disconnect the app altogether if you simply don't want to use it anymore.

Send alerts to team's Facebook Fan Page or Twitter Account1) Once logged into Game Changer, go to your team page.2) Click on the Community tab.3) Click on the subheader titled, Team Facebook/Twitter.4) Select which page you would like to send to the updates to, and what updates you would like to send.


Facebook has a limit on the number of posts a third party can make in a single 24-hour time frame.

So be sure to check it out and hopefully they can solve your posting problems.


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