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212 North Third Street, Hariisburg, Pa The Evangelical Press 1922 dec 15 1922 v The Pennsylvania ‘ ffiok AL Journal Owned, Controlled and Published by the Medical Society of the State of Pennsylvania Issued monthly under the supervision of the Publication Committee Volume XXV Number 1 212 North Third St., Harrisburg, Pa., October, 1921 Subscription : .00 Per Year PRESIDENT’S ADDRESS FRANK G. Records of the organization of this Society show that at its first meeting on April II, 1848, a resolution was offered having for its object an appeal to the Legislature for the passage of “a law to regulate and guard the practice of medicine in the State of Pennsyl- vania” as a protection “of the health and the lives of the citizens of this Commonwealth” against “disqualified persons who are permitted tc impose themselves upon the public in under- taking wdiat they do not understand, and pre- tending to what they do not possess, to the great injury of human health and danger to human life,” and the profession has persistently stood for all that represented the greatest protection to mankind ever since.

The problems confronting the medical pro- fession to-day differ but little from those that have presented themselves since the practice of medicine was definitely established in this Com- monwealth.

\ hile we were compelled to disagree with him in many of his rulings in his former capacity, and while we still maintain that many of these were hardships and impracticable of application under local conditions and in many cases in- volved the imposition of a financial burden out of proportion to the appropriation received from the State, we at the same time must agree that these rulings had behind them the unselfish pur- pose of raising the standard of medical j)ractice in Pennsylvania and the up-building of the hos- ])ital system of the State to the point of having it serve as a monument to this Commonwealth and as an object of pride to those associated with it.

New legislation is invariably viewed with suspicion and this new branch of the State gov- ernment is no exception and the method of put- ting it into effect will be the determining factor in its reception by the profession of the State as well as by those associated with institutions receiving State aid who come under its rulings.

Hav- ing in constant view all that has been accom- plished in the past by this Society and its of- ficers, I am all the more appreciative of the high honor you have conferred upon me and the County Society of which I am a member, and my earnest hope is that, in emulating those who have preceded me and with your help, I may emerge from my term of office with a showing of equal service to the profession of this State.


Not in many years has a law been enacted against such active opposition from so varied and widely separated sources, in and out of legislative circles.

Boston Medical Lib baby 8 THE Fenway Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2015 0 IHE Pennsylvania Medical Journal REPRESENTING THE 'J'RANSACn ONS OF THE MEDICAL SOCIE/EY OF THE STATE OF PENNSYLVANIA AT ITS ANNUAL SESSION HELD AT PHILADELPHIA— OCTOBER, 1921 VOLUME LI (VOLUME XXV OF THE JOURNAL) Edited for the Society under the supervision of the Publication Committee of the Board of Trustees. This interest was never more apparent than during the last session of the Legislature of this State when the persistent activity on the part of your Committee on Health Legislation, with the support of those members of the Assembly, who were at the same lime members of the pro- fession, as well as that of a few other legisla- tors who displayed an unusual interest in the conservation of the health of the citizenry of this Commonwealth and placed it above politi- cal prestige, prevented the passage of a measure, which had for its ultimate object a short cut to the practice of medicine with the elimination of many of the educational requirements now prescribed by the laws of the State.


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