When did kim kardashian started dating ray j

And that's basically how Kim Kardashian got her and her family's name out there and before famous. Ray J dated Kim Kardashian before she became famous.And that's basically how Kim Kardashian got her and her family's name out there and before famous.Several critics also noted the show's lack of intelligence, and described the family as "self-absorbed" and "desperate" for fame.However, some critics recognized the reality series as a "guilty pleasure" and acknowledged the family's success.In the interview, Kim revealed that she lost it to a boy she’d been dating for years…and now we know just WHO took her v-card!

The series' success has led additionally to the creation of numerous spin-off series, including: Kourtney and Kim Take Miami, Kourtney and Kim Take New York, Khloé & Lamar, Kourtney and Khloé Take The Hamptons, Dash Dolls, Rob & Chyna, and Life of Kylie.Throughout Kim's early career, she was involved in some high-profile relationships including Brandy Norwood's brother, singer Ray J, and later, singer Nick Lachey."[Kris] was interested in doing a television show and this was in the time that The Osbournes was popular.I had seen The Osbournes and thought to myself — because I had formed a production company — I thought we should find something in this vein.He hired a camera man to visit the Kardashian's family home to film them having a Sunday barbeque: "They were all together — as crazy and as fun as loving as they are," Seacrest described the family after seeing the tape.


He later initiated the series by sharing the tape with E!Its premise originated with Ryan Seacrest, who also serves as an executive producer.



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