Teddy geiger and emma stone still dating

Her female idols are actresses who never made a career out of mere sex appeal. She jokingly revealed her vices as “sugar, wine, and black-tar heroin,” a line that from some other starlets might not be so funny.She aspires to be Diane Keaton—“One of the most covered-up actresses of all time,” Stone said—and loves Marion Cotillard: “She’s so sexy, and she’s covered up! “That’s pretty much it, the heroin, the sugar, and the wine—nothing too crazy.”As she perches on the brink of national stardom, the question remains whether Stone will be able to stay sheltered from fandom and Facebook—she closed her account (“I got addicted to Farm Ville, so had to get off”) and rarely tweets.Emma Stone was running down a dark, eerie hallway covered with cobwebs and stuffed buffalo heads while wearing a white Venetian mask.Hollywood’s hottest up-and-coming ingénue was not filming a movie scene but spending a Saturday night on West 27th Street in New York’s old Mc Kittrick Hotel at a show called that involves putting on a mask and following actors from room to room as they pantomime scenes from the Scottish Play.Only a waitress quietly whispered, “Aren’t you the girl in ?” There were no throngs of paparazzi waiting for her outside, and she seemed to like it that way.After she chose Wellfleets, the waitress returned and said there were none left. Resolute as she was to turn me into an oyster fan, she was as determined to define herself as something other than sexy.


“A lot of what pushes people into this profession is that they have this hole in them and they need to be loved,” said Harrelson. She attended Sequoya Elementary School and acted in community theater from age 11.“She was like, ‘I’ve got to go home and get some sleep and get ready for tomorrow,’ ” Taylor said.“But I talked her into going to Ground Zero Blues Club, Morgan Freeman’s club in Clarksdale, and I took her dancing.” The rest of the cast came along for a late night out. ’ and she loosened up.” Stone was frustrated because, she said, “I wasn’t emotionally getting to someplace I felt I needed to be, and I was kind of beating myself up.” Daniels told her, “Emma, they’re going to add sad violins.” Stone laughed, saying, “Then I realized, when you watch a movie, the sad violins actually do a lot of the work for you.”It was her ability to switch from responsible to ridiculous and back on a dime that got her the breakout role in “There was talk about hiring slightly more conventional fantasy types for these two roles,” said Greg Mottola of Jonah Hill’s and Michael Cera’s romantic interests.Unlike other actresses her age, she was fully clothed, wearing a long-sleeved nautical-striped T-shirt, skinny jeans, and black patent-leather flats. She knows what she’s done well but has really pushed herself and challenged herself.”“Bill Murray told me, ‘That girl is gold,’ ” added Woody Harrelson, who starred in with Stone and Murray.

That night, standing in front of the naked chimera dancing in the strobe lights, Stone looked like Goldilocks stranded in a Stanley Kubrick movie.), and willowy physique, I was struck by the impulse to shield her from the blood-spewing beasts and the sight of Lady Macbeth’s dying baby, but soon she was bounding down another passageway, toward another violent fight scene, and I was the one hiding behind her.“Well, that was weird,” Stone said once she was safely downstairs in the hotel’s jazz lounge. She was just back from Los Angeles, where she had been filming the role of Gwen Stacy in next summer’s reboot of the Spider-Man franchise, a romantic comedy with Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis.) Sitting in the crowd of cultish alternative-Shakespeare fans, Stone, whose meteoric rise is the most anticipated of the year, was still a haven’t-I-seen-you-somewhere starlet—Jonah Hill’s love interest in director Greg Mottola said. “He don’t say that about everyone.”Now, with her mask perched on top of her head like a headband and her pale face visible in the glow of the lounge singer’s spotlight, Stone went mostly unrecognized.Though rumored to have been dating Teddy Geiger, her co-star in castmate Kieran Culkin, she would not say whether she is now single. It seemed like Stone was as focused in picking her oysters as she is in choosing her film roles.



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