Catholic and atheist dating


Our compromise is that we will send the kid to Catholic school but I reserve the right to expose her to other viewpoints, encourage her to ask questions and think for herself and let her know that she doesn't have to believe everything they tell her.

I intend to tell her that I don't believe in any of that God stuff but that nobody knows for sure and that she's allowed to believe whatever makes the most sense to her.

Or that if one or the other does decide to convert, it's an issue of free will and not subtle pressure.

I was really opposed to this at first, (the word "brainwashing" came up during the discussion) but my wife believes she would get a better education than at a public school.Did you know a Catholic is allowed to marry a non-Catholic in a Catholic wedding?You have to do things like promise that any kids would be raised Catholic, etc.I guess I should say that my wife is a liberal Catholic and that she doesn't subscribe to every official RCC position (she's pro-choice, pro-gay rights and pro-ordination of women).

For her the Church is more about community and tradition than hard doctrine and she's extremely non-judgemental about other beliefs.Fortunately, they're pretty respectful and tolerant, and haven't brought it up yet. Recently she has wanted to become more active in her church and has expressed the fact that she does not understand my views on god.


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