Dating royal doulton backstamps

The condition is very good,and these vases are a proper matching pair.

They measure 10inches tall and would look elegant in any room. Handsome pair of copper lustre jugs with a blue,figures band in relief. There is a small old chip on the rim of one jug and on the other there is a small slither chip,as you can see they display beautifully with no cracks or repairs.. For sale at £43 the pair,including post in the UK.. Whoever buys these will be pleased Very nice large Victorian jug in beautiful condition.

I can confirm what other customers say - it was fantastically well packaged - if it had got damaged in transit it would not have been any fault of yours!The both plates have the Full backstamp of George Jones and also the Crescent mark £80 the pair. Ancient Regency period(Georgian c1820) item that amazingly has survived intact in the interim 186 years! It is in English Soft paste,and the pattern is well documented as Venus.There are a few minor age stains on the bottom and a very faint short line on the side,but overall excellent for the age. If you like collecting ancient English Pottery then this is for you.£89 "Hand painted Dickens series,1920 reproduction of Frank Reynolds famous picture. Made in England" There is some rubbing to the glaze,as is always the case in this sort of pottery,but there is no damage as such.£95GB pounds STAFFORDSHIRE.Don't forget Victoriana is coming back fast, it is out with dreary minimalism and back to vibtant colour.

Not before time either,let us bring colour and laughter back into our homes. Here we have a beautiful matching pair of Staffordshire Comforter dogs.Lovely set of large graduated late Victorian jugs in outstanding condition.


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