Is danny jones dating georgia horsley


Before she won the title of Miss England, Horsley's aim had been to pursue a career as a media make-up artist and she was due to start a degree in design and media make-up at university.

In 2013, Mc Fly member Danny Jones, Georgia's long-term boyfriend, proposed during their holiday in Cyprus and they were married on Saturday 2nd of August 2014 in her home town of Malton, North Yorkshire.

They both posted a pic of themselves looking thrilled, with The former Miss England holding up her hand to show us the ring. He tweeted: "Congratulations @Dannymcfly @Georgia Horsley1 on your engagement!!!

Well done mate x."Shortly after Tom's wedding - best known for the moment he serenaded his wife, Justin Timberlake style - it was Harry Judd's turn.

Wearing a summery pale blue jumpsuit from Hollister, the former Miss England looks fresh and natural as she stands with husband Danny.

The celebrity duo have been all smiles, as they celebrate Georgia’s pregnancy and from her amazing style, she’s already got the baby glow.

She was also featured on the American television network NBC's Today show for this issue.

Mc Fly singer Danny Jones confirmed wife Georgia was pregnant with their first child at the beginning of August.

Their band mate Tom Fletcher also has two children, Buzz and Buddy, with wife Giovanna Fletcher, and now Danny is also becoming a dad.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Danny spoke of his “excitement” with five months to go until his baby arrives.

They have been happily married since 2014 so it's no surprise the lovebirds are ready to start a family. I'm going to be a mess at the birth - when I find out if we have a son or a daughter, when I meet him or her.'The smitten couple have decided to keep the gender of their baby a 'big surprise' but the pop star has a feeling in his gut they are going to have a boy.

And Danny Jones, 31, and his stunning model wife Georgia, 30, have broken the news they are expecting their first child together. They began 'casually trying' for a baby late last year as the married lovers decided it was time to start a family.

Maybe in a couple of years."Girls still ask me out and I’m like 'No, I’ve got a girlfriend'.


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