Updating dd wrt

The first step is to sign up for HMA which is a Pro VPN that will allow you to virtually reside in the USA making it possible for you to view the available US titles at

HMA is our VPN of choice and we have been happy paying customers for almost two years now. We’d place a huge bet that you’re going to love it too :).


Don’t worry, it looks complicated but remember that each step is literally just tapping a spot on the screen.

If you must set things up manually don’t get scared away because it looks complicated.

There are so many steps, but rest assured it’s very easy and quick to set up.

Here are the first 6 quick steps: Step 6 is where you will input the information needed to set up the VPN on your i Phone.

Description: What you want to call your VPN connection (HMA-i Phone, HMA VPN, Seattle VPN, Salt Lake City VPN, etc.) You get the idea.When you log into your Netflix app “from the United States” (thanks to HMA) Netflix will even tell you that “you’ll notice that your choices for streaming will vary from country to country.” They are referring to the much larger US Netflix library that’s not available in Canada. If you have found this guide to be helpful please Another great way to access the US Netflix library in Canada is directly from on your computer.



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