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The usual way to describe one-sided conversation would be using "at" as in: You wouldn't usually use "at" with chat though mainly I think due to the fact that chat implies an informal conversation generally enjoyed by both sides.Aside: There is of course also the distinct phrasal verb "chat up", but it has no bearing on the issue at hand.The fact that the dictionary example uses to does not mean you can't use [email protected] Hitchcock While "chat to" sounds pretty strange to me I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss the usage example given in the oxford dictionaries, which unequivocally use to in all of them.Sadly I don't have access to my hard copy dictionaries atm and don't have a subscription for the OED so I can check another source. This might get a little bit complicated and confusing, as I attempt to compare the patterns between the three closely related verbs.To refresh your memory, Aaron is highly regarded as an authority on the subject of risk taking.For the past 30-years he’s worked as a dedicated risk manager, and for the past decade, Aaron was the risk manager for renown quant fund, AQR.Note that pretty much 90% of the arguments here can also apply to rule out a two-way conversation.Any number of things could be happening while you’re “talking to” someone that you don’t mention, including that the person might be talking back to you. I wonder how many are really "I decided to chat to Bob" and how many are a coincidental pairing.


I'm hard pressed to think of any case where I have heard a fluent English speaker say "chat to". about 70% of the time in the British English corpus, but only 5% of the time in the American English corpus! Both of forms imply a two-way conversation though in most cases.

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