Hyungdon dating


This appearance on the show for G-Dragon marks the first time a YG Entertainment artist has appeared on the highly popular show.

The episode is set to air on December 4 and should be a source of many laughs.

This couple features the charasmatic leader of SNSD member Taeyeon and comedian Jung Hyung Don.

Hyung Don isn't the idealistic handsome husband, he's rather overweight, loud and obnoxious.

Article: 'Weekly Idol' Jung Hyung Don meets 'WGM' wife Taeyeon "My ex-wife! [ 13,717, -123] To be even more specific, Taeyeon's his second wife since his first is Saori ㅋㅋㅋ 2.


Nine in the morning, and I've already got the AC cranking. Even if I have a shower to cool off, I start sweating as soon as I get dressed.

lol its stuff like that that would make me even remotely re-watch this as much as the whole thing was rly a joke...i still feel like she got played lol like that was so.. I'd love to see her on WGM again seriously..thats if she wasn't dating Baek haha!

but it's nice to see they're good sports about it and it's prolly been awhile since they seen each other LOL.

He then joined various segments of MBC's Sunday Sunday Night and Exclamation!

and KBS2's Imagination Plus and a host and performer.

An insider revealed, "Jung Hyung Don and his family went to Australia on December 27.



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